Anjunadeep is back with more hot music for the dance floors. This time it’s Ceremonie Des Adieux by Gab Rhome with a remix by The Mekanism. This London based label was started in 2005 by Above & Beyond and releases soulful and melodic electronic music. Gab Rhome is an artist on Anjunadeep as well as All Day I Dream and Last night on Earth, who is recognized for his lush soundscapes and unforgettable melodies. He’s been involved with music since the age of 6 and comes highly recommended to melt your hearts on dance floors around the world.

Ceremonie Des Adieux has that lush house feel, a soft and moving groove and a beautiful string melody to keep it grooving. The second track ‘Cashmere’ definitely adds the tech in the house and has a really upbeat melody that almost sings through the track like lyrics. ‘The Spice Trade’ has a sweet sounding violin with alluring French lyrics, and a tone of classical French music behind it in a slightly haunting key. The Mekanism remix of ‘The Spice Trade’ gives the track much more of a lighter jungle feel with a brighter bounce. It’s like breaking the track away from the alley way into the parade. All of the tracks really live up the noteworthy melodies we know that Gab Rhome will bring.


Artist: The MekanismGab Rhome
Release Date: 2015-02-12
Label: Anjunadeep

Becky Beloved