The LoveBath keeps the groove flowing through 2020 with this new one from Sundries and Lisztomania boss, Igor Gonya!

Hailing from Russia, Igor has been a contributing player in the dance music scene for quite some time now. His releases span all across the map on some amazing record labels, and we’re so pleased to add this episode to our funky catalog!





Interview With Igor Gonya


1.) Can you tell us a little bit about your label Sundries, and what you guys are all about?

Sundries like my lovely kid (haha). I carefully select each release, and if I’m feeling any doubts, It’s not Sundries material. Basically the Sundries sound is how I feel the music.

2.) What’s been your favorite catalog release so far put out through Sundries?

Each release is beautiful in it’s own way. Proud to have such great and talented artists in our humble collection.

3.) Any exciting releases coming up for you going into 2020?

I’m planning to release some new vinyls by G. Markus, Julio Cruz, Le Babar. Our next releases on digital by Monsieur Van Pratt, George Feely, Jehan and Fizzikz are all dope as well. Stay tuned and you’ll feel it!

Also I have my own vinyl and digital releases coming this year on Tropical Disco Recordings. Shout out to Moodena and Sartorial! Another new vinyl VA compilation with my collaboration track with Jesusdapnk and Frikardo is also out soon on Belgian House Cookin’ Records. Cheers to Rawdio. Also I just signed 2 tracks with a disco flavor on new brand Mexican label Super Spicy Records. Big ups to Monsieur Van Pratt. And I’m still working on more of my own stuff. Stay tuned!

4.) With Lisztomania being highly centered around deep house, and Sundries around disco, how would you say the two labels are different?

Nothing special,  just different designers and different sound engineers. Overall I do my best for all of my labels.

Most releases on Lisztomania are the result of demos being mailed in. As for Sundries, I try to select each artist  myself, and only a few releases have been from demos. But I am open to receiving demos for Sundries. We would be happy to replenish in our fam.

5.) Whats your favorite dancefloor weapon right now for your sets??

I have some lovely ones!
1. Hotmood – Samba E Sabor [Samosa Records]
2. Berobreo – Solid State [Sure Cuts Records]
3. Voilaaa Feat. Sir Jean – Spies Are Watching Me [Favorite Recordings]
4. Knuckle G – Da [De La Groove Recordings]
5. Coeo – Cabrio Mango [Toy Tonics]




Turn it up & enjoy!