Longing for a sense of nostalgia, the LoveBath was created in aims of providing the tasteful listener with a source for music that pays homage to the sounds of long ago. Our focus is on the era of the funk, the generation of the jam, the age of the disco and the time when music was one of the quintessential elements of seduction. Our mission is to create a soundtrack for love through track selections compiled by the connoisseurs of today’s world of music. We desire to caress your ears with sultry sounds of music that will make you want to slip off your clothes and slide into a steamy bath and relax. We encourage you to share that bath of passion with a special someone and experience the power music has on the heart. Fill that bath with bubbles and press play on what is bound to be a magical escape from reality you’ll want to repeat over and over again.

Episode 001 – Monsieur M.

Hailing from Greece but residing in Brazil, Monsieur M. is a man of many talents who has been seducing people with music for well over a decade. In fact, not only is he our first guest, he is a co-founder of The LoveBath and has the intention of making sure that every additional mix to this series is built with the perfect amount of love needed to melt your heart. Known amongst friends and lovers as the Don Juan of music, Monsieur M. has attracted the attention of funk champions, Soul Clap, landing him an episode on their “Adventures of Soul Clap” podcast entitled SOUL SURVIVOR. Similarly to that mix, this special compilation of tracks was inspired by time spent in the breathtaking coastal city of Brazil’s Bahia. Please give a warm welcome to our the first guest of The LoveBath and your host for this series, Monsieur M!


Peace, Love & Sexual Healing <3


-Slow aka Jon Dadon