Abstraal & Teenage Mutants link up for a brand new single on vital French techno label Family Piknik. It comes with remixes from Teenage Mutants, POPOF, Justin Cholewski and Jim.

The original features Jim and is a gritty roller with dark bass. Its one that pins you to the floor and has a vocal that Depeche Mode would be proud of. It’s a timeless wave tinged techno roller that has anthemic potential. Teenage Mutants keep the spine tingling vocal but add more percussive tension and drama and POPOF serves up a warbling acid version that will take you to the brink.  Justin Cholewski keeps it trippy with dark stabs and trance inducing hi hats and Justin Cholewski offers stark hits and punky drums that are jagged and in your face. Last of all Jim’s Wet Sunset layers in the emotion and slapping drums to get you moving.
The ‘Broken Smiles’ EP is out now and available from Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/broken-smiles/2965908