[New Release] This sexy Madrid label has a self proclaimed mission: “to create a powerful sound, focused primarily on danceability,” and they have definitely achieved that in this 4th installation of their summer compilation. The collection boasts artists such as V I V I D, Betoko, label bosses Los Suruba, Jorge Takei, Grosstone, and Paul Mad and is nothing short of danceable sexiness, exuding an nostalgic after-hours, warm and sweaty feel required of a summer record.

A Hot Since 82 Dub of “Mantis” by Los Suruba is a slow and dreamy work, a perfect sunrise sequence of sounds, that is highlighted by the cascading pads and layered, spritely elements.  “Down Stress” by Betoko and Paul Mad is unforgivingly dark and danceable, its raspy bass line and foreboding synth melodies pulsating steadily in unison for a get-lost feel. Grosstone follow suit in another dancey, late night track titled “Pambah.”  All around catchy, the work features a vocal that tries to boast under the filter effect, “another attempt to leave the dance floor,” in an ironic play on the obviously inability to do so given the track’s inherent energy.  V I V I D, a producer that should definitely be watched closely, lends a progressive-thinking, energy-releasing track that includes cleverly arranged cut up vocals surrounded by bubbling, euphoric elements for a track that could fit anywhere in a set. “Paris,” the closing track, is another melodic and dreamy mix, super slow, sexy, close-your-eyes moveable, swaying energy leaves you blissful and sleepy — but in the best way, in that “that-was-the-best-night-of-partying-I’ve-ever-had” kind of way.

Make sure you swoop up this beautiful release and keep an eye on Suruba and the artists they’re attracting.




Label: Suruba

Title: Summer Compilation Vol. 4

Catalog No.: SC05


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