[New Release]  MLP Music Label may have only been around for a few months, but they already have more than a handful of great releases in that amount of time.  While some labels take their time getting music to you, MLP come sprinting right out of the gates with quality tunes.  With their next release they get up and comers The Wize Guys, who deliver with two awesome tracks in Keep It Down.

‘Keep It Down’ is a charming, deep track with its inviting vocals, rooted bass line, and smooth groove.  ‘Bring Me Down’ is another quality title, on the darker side, with its haunting vibes and foreboding tones that are sure to send you into a deep trance on the dance floor.

Overall this is a great release for MLP Music Label and a great display from The Wize Guys.  Being a new label or an up and coming artist is always tough, but with quality releases like this I see big things in the future for both.


Artist:  The Wize Guys
Title:  Keep It Down
Label:  MLP Music Label
Catalog No.:  MML013

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