[New Release] 2012 was a big year for Steve Huerta as the Los Angeles based producer was able to establish himself as one of the most exciting up and coming producers in the Southern California house scene. Through his releases with Amadeus and his single through a VA compilation with petFood last May, Huerta was able to build a strong foundation for his inevitable success in 2013.

Starting this year off right, Huerta’s first EP will be coming by way of LA/Miami based label, petFood. The EP, Do Good To Me / Revenge, has a hot Southern California feel to it with its warm seductive basslines, soulful looping vocals and undying luminous energy. First first track, “Do Good To Me,” has a deep and entrancing nature. Guided by a heavy thumping bassline, the song fills any space with a distinct physical West Coast presence.

The second song off the EP, “Revenge,” has more of a laid back approach. The song’s lite organ work, weaving back and forth through a nostalgic funk infused rhythm gives the song its cool, hard edge.  When the heavy rhythm couples together with the smooth and steamy vocals, it creates the harmonious combination of sex and soul.

The EP looks to set the pace for what’s to come through petFood this year. Do Good To Me / Revenge has received support from many big names like Hot Toddy/Crazy P, Walker & Royce, No Artificial Colours, and Poupon.


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