[News / Mix] Finally, fellow Southern California deep and underground music lovers, FINALLY. The manifestation of our deepest desires; a club, a venue, a spot dedicated entirely to our type of music, built on the foundation of all things good in the world in the deep and underground, has arrived in the form of Sound Nightclub. Our fantasy brought to fruition, the tales of nights of sinfully sublime sounds and satisfaction have been pouring out of Sound after only two parties! 

Sound started off proper, beginning what will inevitably be many years of blissful nights to come, and have already included legends like DJ Three, Guy Gerber, Droog (Sound Residents), and Clovis, and are set to be hosting Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler,  and Lauren Lane in the next couple weeks.

Sound is located in Hollywood, but is wonderfully tucked away in an unsuspecting alleyway; its existence is marked by the excited chatter of the crowd outside and a beautifully painted, yet understated, marquee. Once inside, a bar is an instant welcomer. One of the highlights of this place (besides the obvious, talent) is the ample dance floor, a rarity for many newer American clubs, which tend to cater more to VIP table customers than to dance music lovers. Booming sound, subdued and perfect lighting, and a raised, but emotionally accessible, DJ booth make Sound an exciting and unique experience. My recommendation: get there early and stay till the very end — the good vibes were plentiful even as the lights came on at the Gerber show. (Which, by the way, had some of the most top-notch music I’ve ever heard).

Sure to become the LA go-to for excellent deep house and tech, Sound maintains underground energy whilst making it extremely accessible. And did I mention it is open until 4 a.m? Yewwww!

Clovis recorded his appearance at Sound and has shared it as a Free Download. Get lost in it lovers …




Sound Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/soundnightclub
Website: http://www.soundnightclub.com/
Address: 1642 Las Palmas Ave, Los Angeles, California
Phone Number: (323) 656-4800
Hours: Fri & Sat. 10PM – 4AM 

UPCOMING EVENTS at Sound Nightclub:

1.23.2013 – RED BULL ThreeStyle West Sub – Qualifier
Facebook Event 

1.25.2013 – Jamie Jone & Droog
Facebook Event

2.1.2013 – Seth Troxler & Lauren Lane
Facebook Event
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