On October 27th, the Colombian producer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist, Sinego, is set to unveil his highly anticipated debut album, Alterego. This groundbreaking album aims to push the boundaries of Latin-American music, seamlessly blending the rich cultures of regional Latin genres with the limitless possibilities of house, techno, and live production. The album is divided into two parts, “El Día” (The Day) and “La Noche” (The Night), spanning across twenty-six original tracks. The first installment will feature the “El Dia” tracks with the deluxe album featuring the “La Noche” tracks set to follow in 2024. 

Alterego is a musical odyssey that delves deep into the diverse and vibrant cultures of Latin America through Sinego’s unique production, blended with samples of regional sounds and traditional folk influences. The project takes listeners on a revolutionary journey across commonly underrepresented countries in dance music from Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Cuba, his home country of Colombia, and more- featuring seasoned collaborators from each. The result is a multifaceted auditory expedition that captures the essence of each country, blurring the boundaries of regional Latin genres and dance music. 

The opening track from the album, ‘Benjamín Carrión’ pays a heartfelt tribute to Ecuador with its innovative fusion of Bolero Guitars, house music, and tribal percussion. The second track, ‘Boa Noite’ ft. Tonina takes you on a dance floor adventure by seamlessly blending Samba and melodic house, followed up by ‘Labios’ which pays homage to Ecuadorian Boleros and the legendary Julio Jaramillo. ‘Mala’ provides a heartfelt tribute to the soulful sounds of Venezuela, followed by ‘Sol’ ft. Pahua which brings Mexico to life through enchanting vocals and a contemporary twist. ‘Quema’ ft. Angélica Garcia & French Braids brings listeners back to Sinego’s home country, masterfully combining folk genres and traditional cultural sounds with electronic production. ‘El Ratón’ ft. YoSoyMatt & Millo injects fresh energy into the iconic original song by infusing it with upbeat dance elements. 

The album then moves on to the vibrant music of Cuba with ‘Tropicana’ featuring the iconic sister duo PAUZA and the Grammy-nominated vocalist Cucu Diamantes. ‘El Malevo’ ft. Kermesse is a beautiful homage to Argentina which flows perfectly into ‘Ilusión’ which encapsulates the spirit of Venezuela. ‘Violeta’ then explores the depths of melancholy through the lens of Violeta Parra, interweaving electronic music with a touch of hope. ‘Espiral’ ft. Fernando Milagro closes out the album- taking listeners to Chile, where hypnotic guitars and profound poetry merge to create a captivating and introspective musical experience.

When speaking about the album, Sinego states, “Alterego is a musical odyssey that delves deep into the rich tapestry of Latin American cultures through the medium of electronic music. In a manner reminiscent of Anthony Bourdain’s exploration of culinary traditions, I embarked on a voyage traversing the diverse landscapes of Cuba, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, and beyond. My aim was to unravel the essence of distinctive rhythms such as Boleros, Tangos, and Mambo and craft a multifaceted auditory expedition.

To achieve this musical depth, I enlisted the talents of some remarkable artists including the soulful Angélica Garcia, the genre-blending Xinobi, the mesmerizing YoSoyMatt, the enchanting Kermesse, the virtuosic Tonina, and the innovative PAUZA, among many others.”

Sinego’s approach to music goes beyond the realm of sound. His two-part Alterego project will be accompanied by stunning short-form travel documentaries that take viewers on a journey through the producer’s creative process of collecting regional sounds for samples, providing behind-the-scenes footage of his travels across Latin America, and insight into the diverse roster of collaborators. This visual component is a testament to Sinego’s dedication to breaking new ground in the electronic music industry.

Sinego’s live performances highlight his unique ability to blend electronic production with live instrumentation, including timbales, cymbals, guitars, trumpets, synths, and vocals- which sets him apart in the vast dance music landscape. He has earned his place among the leading figures in Latin-flavored dance music and has collaborated with renowned artists like SOFI TUKKER, Nervo, The Knocks, Bomba Estéreo, and more. As part of his mission to spotlight key talents and cultures across Latin America, Sinego has been handpicked by Apple Music as an official mix curator and is one of only three Latin artists selected to curate an official DJ Mix on Spotify. He also curates the widely followed Spotify Track ID’s playlist in Latin America. He hosts an exclusive mix series for Apple titled, “Viajero”, dedicated to promoting Latin-Dance Music globally. 

Sinego is on a mission to bridge the gap between regional Latin and underground electronic music, foster inclusivity, education, and representation in the music industry. With the release of Alterego, the esteemed artist continues to break new ground, shaping the future of Latin-infused dance music for audiences across the globe.