OFF Recordings are very proud to welcome a very exciting new collaboration team including one of the fastest growing acts on the scene in the last couple of years. Mexican wonder-team Climbers, already praised for massive releases on the likes of Get Physical, Culprit and Electronique, team up with London’s own Silky (My Favourite Robot, Nurvous) and Barber (Faceless Recs) to put together a solid EP surely destined to have room in everyone’s set this summer. “Frozen” shows their signature sound in full capacity… Deep disco groove with a bouncy phat bass line and sing along male vocals and lots of feeling in the synth and pad work, truly a musical delight. On remix duty come Moda Black’s Jaymo & Andy George, who turn “Frozen” in a more housed, dubbed peak hour track, keeping the deepness but pushing up the tempo with swirling pads and a killer swing groove. “Mindset” is the second track, with another solid discofied groove & mind bending vocal work but with a darker techy approach, fat lead synths and a driving bass line make this one quite a trip. A great summer package indeed!


Artist:  Silky, Barber &  Climbers
Title:  Frozen EP
Label:  OFF Recordings
Catalog No.:  OFF057

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