Sid Le Rock has been at the forefront of quality electronic music for almost a decade now. His intoxicating sound has moved us over the years and continues to do so with his latest release on My Favorite Robot Records. A label known for its more eclectic and experimental sounds in dance music, they once again get it spot on with this release. Foreign Love is a quality EP that brings together a great running arp line with atmospheric pads, spacious percussion, and sweeping FX to provide the perfect layout for Sid’s evocative vocals. Acid Pauli provides a spacious and ethereal remix that sends you on a musical journey, as his music usually does — a favorite off the EP, this remix is pure magic. Brett Johnson goes in the other direction with his hard, bass driven remix which demands your attention and gets you on your feet, making it a true powerhouse of a track.

This is another fantastic release from My Favorite Robot Records and a fine showing from all artists involved. Once again these boys display their style and grace and give us exactly what we all want and need from a great label.


Artist:  Sid Le Rock
Title:  Foreign Love EP
Label: My Favorite Robot Records
Catalog No.:  MFR071

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