Running Pine presents his debut EP on Oddity, ‘Shadow’, including a dancefloor focused remix by label boss Fur Coat. On ‘Shadow’ EP, Iranian vocalist and producer Running Pine showcases his abilities to combine amazing lyrics, vocals and sound design.

Opening track ‘Shadow’ is characterised by beautiful strings and glitchy beats, accompanied by Running Pine’s striking vocals, creating a haunting emotive story throughout the track. Fur Coat approaches the remixes duties using the vocal and some key elements of the track to turn it into a more dancefloor oriented melodic groover.

Continuing with a similar indie electronica vibe ‘Run Out’ features darker sounds, in which Running Pine dives into a more experimental, yet spacey story. ‘Eclipsed’ is the final cut to close the EP, where Running Pine focuses on an instrumental track with a 4×4 beat, still influenced by glitchy sounds, and celestial melodies.

Running Pine previously featured on Mind Against & Blausch ’Trust My Eyes’ on Afterlife, and on Fur Coat ‘Hurricane’ on Renaissance. 

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