Fresh out of Pan-Pot’s home, Second State Audio, comes Roman Lindau’s Strange Brew.  This EP is a sublime delight to kick off the fall season with enticing musical selections.  Second State Audio is full of reverberating techno to rumble the speakers and explode the dance floors. As we get a taste of Roman’s 5 track brew we can feel all the variety of flavors that resonate with his musical taste.

Kicking off the EP “With My Hands” creeps in those synths and rattles in with an inveigling chat. “Strange Brew” adds in savory stabs with a prototypical Detroit feel. “Move” is the zest inside adding the invigorating bassline and kicking it up with gusto. Adding in “After Dark” with those beautiful strings intertwined with bass libations. The taste is up in smoke!  Then the digital only track “Stab Incision” blends this brew out with a plump synthetics stretching the expansions of drums in space. A sure fire EP to welcome Roman to the Second State team.


Artist: Roman Lindau
Release Date:
Label: Second State
Label:Catalog No: SNDST021

Roman Lindau – Strange Brew
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Becky Nutt
Contributing Editor