Legendary producer and Poker Flat bossman, Steve Bug, is on remix duty for UNER’s latest Culprit EP, From The Other Side — out September 30th.

Over the last six years, UNER ​has joined the elite ranks of producers with big releases for the likes of Diynamic, Cadenza, Visionquest and others. Following the footsteps of Edu Imbernon on the LA­-based label, the Catalonia­-born UNER delivers a skillful three-­track EP of vibrant electronic house.

From The Other Side EP is a synthesis of UNER’s strong club grooves and a more expansive melodic feel, seemingly inspired by California’s wide open spa​ces. “​In a Different Plane” is the soundtrack to a drive through the dese​rt at dusk; ‘”Dancemotive’s” melodic sweep is balanced by a subtle acid feel; “​Lights From the Other Side” is UNER’s patented propulsive groove that swells to an euphoric crescendo.

Steve Bug ​and his respected Poker Flat label were a major source of inspiration for Culprit and its founders, Droog. This release sees his debut on the label, and he brings his famous modern take on acid house to the rework, delivering a stripped down yet powerful track that builds tension throughout.

Grab UNER’s From The Other Side EP on Culprit on September 30th.


UNER – Dancemotive (Steve Bug Remix) [Culprit]

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Artist: UNER, Steve Bug
Title: From The Other Side EP
Label: Culprit
Catalogue No: CP065
Release Date: 2016-09-30

– jams
Jimbo James
Managing Editor