[Release] I’ve been fiending, longing, craving, and lusting for this track since it first blessed my ears two months ago in Noir Recommends // November/December 2012 (episode 14). An instant favorite, ‘Love Is A Condition’ is perfection with its deep bassline, catchy tune, and Cari Golden’s godly vocal stylings. Sometimes when people group together .. magic happens. We think that is the case with this ‘Love Is A Condition’ release from Alex Flatner, MSMS (Marcus Schmahl aka Broombeck & Michael Schickert) and Cari Golden.


This dark vocal stomper is quite unique. It starts pretty stripped back and then builds into a more intense and captivating journey. Some first reactions has compared the outcome to Depeche Mode with a solid club-stamp on the back. We can hear the resemblance and great compliment to this addictive production. They could have stopped here but … This release also offers a diverse package of remixes. Paolo Rocco uses the vocals more as effect snippets and takes the track 15-20 years back in time to a more underground dub-house feel. Fabio Giannelli makes the track even darker and builds into beautiful and melancholic piano elements that leaves your ears with a totally new impression of the track. Emerson Todd also keeps the ultra dark feel of the original, but makes it more club friendly with quirky pitched down vocals and more drive to the outcome.


As always, another impressive and instant hit from Noir Music. Impressive work from all artists involved, this release is a serious gem.


Artist: Alex Flatner, MSMS, Cari Golden
Title: Love Is A Condition
Label: Noir Music
Release Date:  January 21
Catalog: NMB043





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