Raphael Mader is back at Renaissance with The Blinding EP, complete with an incredible remix from Lopezhouse…

There’s no denying the ascent of Raphael Mader over the past 2 years. In spite of the shutdown, his ability to craft a memorable riff and sheer quality of production has seen him rise to become a genuine juggernaut in the melodic techno scene; now, with The Blinding EP, his latest 4 track EP that finds him returning to Renaissance, the convoy shows little signs of slowing.

“I’ve seen a lot of producers highlighting personal influences in their music recently. I guess with the absence of nightclubs everyone’s had to look elsewhere for creative inspiration,” explains Raphael, “but even before the fateful pandemic arrived, I was always more introspective in my approach. My music has, and will always be, my personal therapy – it’s a direct response to my day-to-day life and the events that transpire around me.”

And what a life he must lead because the lens through which Raphael Mader views the world is clearly (pun intended) very beautiful indeed. All 3 original tracks on the EP possess those ethereal, ‘hairs-on-the-back-your-neck’ chills that are so hard to distill; it’s confirmation of a world-class producer, delivering world-class vibes. Whether title track, Blinding, Sail Away or the slightly edgier Fundamental, all more than qualify for the category, ‘goosebumps’.

But the beauty doesn’t end there as the uber-hot Lopezhouse were swift to take on remix honours. “We really went with our heart on this one,” says David and Carlos from their Spanish studio, “we used a Fender guitar to blend a re-styled bassline with loads of atmospheric backgrounds and hope you can hear the love and passion that went into it!”

Raphael Mader ‘The Blinding’ EP with Lopezhouse remix is OUT NOW Renaissance Records
Buy / Stream it here: https://lnk.to/REN2207D