Were absolutely Elated to feature Memo Rex’s sophmore release on Sol Selectas latest compilation. His track Rapid Eye Movement takes the listener on a journey through organic worldly textures and musical styles ranging from east to west!

Sol Selectas embarks on its seventh annual summer compilation which collects together tracks from around the world and releases them on the day of the summer solstice, which is the year’s longest day of sunlight.

Summer Sol VII is a 26-track release that features music ranging from atmospheric deep house to percussive Afro house and downtempo electronic full of organic textures.

It includes tracks by label favourites such as Goldcap, Yamil, Guy Maayan and label owner Sabo, plus Sol Selectas debuts from artists like Safar (FR), Murmusica, and Amour Propre. In total the compilation features many new artists who are all being welcomed into the Sol Selectas family via their debut on this release.

The release features tracks from artists with roots in USA, Iran, Ukraine, Armenia, Turkey, France, Spain, Palestine, Colombia, Israel, Italy, Peru, Egypt, Mexico, Russia, Morocco, Eritrea, and Brazil. Together all these cultures and backgrounds combine to form the soundtrack of Summer and good vibrations.

Under the sun’s rays we are all equal, regardless of skin colour, gender, political allegiances or sexuality, and this release is a celebration of how music brings people together. The music drifts from coast to coast, across several mountain ranges, deserts dunes and salty oceans.

Each of the tracks have their own story and is a little ray of sunshine to warm the mind, body and soul. All the previous releases in this annual series have been top sellers on Beatport, and this year is expected to be no different.

The cover art by Helia Jamali is taking us to a gorgeous Summer Sol dreamscape, illuminated by magic and crystal blue waters.

Artist: Memo Rex
Title: Rapid Eye Movements
Label: Sol Selectas
Release Date: 2022-06-21

Turn it up & enjoy!