Mineral Records – a hybrid sub-label of Roche Musique – releases its first house compilation with an evocative and libertarian name : IDEAL RULES. In its various forms, house music gives off a blissful, light and libertarian feeling. It renders the thorns of life illusory and confers a feeling of gentle casualness melted into the moment, the here and now. For a House compilation, IDEAL RULES seemed an obvious name. Perfect musical background for dancing, fantasizing, creating your own harmony in the world, following our own rules.

For some the groove cannot be learned or given; It is an inherent and intuitive part of their soul. Intr0beatz, aka Reykjavik native Arsaell Thor Ingvason, whole life has been about the groove. From his earliest years delving into his father’s musical collecting and compositions, he first came to prominence as Intr0beatz back in the late ‘90s first as a turntablist, then as the beat producers behind the seminal 2000s Icelandic hip-hop group Forgotten Lores.

Artist: Intr0beatz
Title: Today’s Courage
Label: Mineral Records
Release Date: 2021-05-26

Interview with Intr0beatz

Can you give us a quick background on yourself?  What inspired the name Intr0beatz?
I grew up in Reykjavik Iceland. I started djing at 12 and making hiphop beats when i was 18. Then I got into house production in 2013.  I still make beats but my main today focus is house. The comes from my graffiti background as my tag was Intr0 which turned into Intr0beatz after I started making beats and quit painting.
You’re just about to put out a sweet track on Mineral Records’ IDEAL RULES compilation, tell us a little about the making of this one.   
I always find hard to explain how i make certain tracks because most of them are just made when I’m in a zone.
Would you say there’s a specific, stand-out track for you personally in your discography?
No, not really. I think they all stand out in some way parallel to the era of which they where made in.
Im not big on having just one favourite as I’m always making new music which should be a level up for me from what I’ve done in the past.
What can you tell us about the music scene where you’re located?
Iceland has a big music scene but a small club scene. A lot of dj’s, but not many venues or clubs for electronic music.
Are there any like-minded artists around you that you frequently work with in the studio? 
There are just a handful for artists in the same scene as I am but we never work together.
I like to work by myself and not to count on or getting pressured by someone else then myself. That way the music can come to me naturally and not forced.
Do you have any musical inspirations that have helped you sculpt and find your sound over the years? 
Most of my inspirations come from older type of music, jazz, funk, soul, 90’s hiphop and electronic music. Basically all the styles and eras that have sculpted the way we all listen to music today.
What have you been doing to keep busy during the quarantine time? 
Working at my day job and making music keeps me busy.
Any other cool releases dropping soon this year that we should know about?
There are few but don’t have the dates yet so I can’t really speak on it until I know more. Just stay tuned and follow my social media platforms for more infos.


Turn it up & enjoy!