Bachir Salloum is an up and coming artist from Beirut / Dubai scene. Always with forward thinking intelligent tunes that always works well in groovie dance floors. He has collaborate with Zone+ in a few projects. His music is supported by a lot of Djs and recently Hernan Cattaneo played Eclipse the main track of the EP in his Burning Man streaming a few months ago.

For this EP on Akbal Music he presents 3 original tracks fill with quirky sounds, trippie synths and evolving sounds that will take the listener in a deep journey.

In the remix duties LADS brings a more organic approach to the release with a nice flow of pads and fresh energy on the groove to complete this interesting record on the Akbal Music camp.

Artist: Bachir Salloum
Title: Eclipse
Label: Akbal Music
Release Date: 2021-05-14

Interview with Bachir Salloum

Hey Bachir, thanks for sharing this epic new release with us. We’ve got the exclusive of Eclipse, can you tell us a bit more about this track? Where did you produce it, and what was your intention behind it?

Hello everyone, thank you for having me, it’s a pleasure to be on your platform.

I wrote “Eclipse” during lockdown, in my home studio in Dubai. I had this reoccurring melody in my head and it kept coming to me in my sleep (a blessing and a curse – a good one), which always results in me waking up and getting out of bed super early. I always find that working on my music first thing in the morning is the best time for me, it ensures that my ideas are still fresh in my head and I can write the melodies down.

You’re originally from Beirut; what was the scene like there growing up? How did you get into music yourself?

I always had a special connection with music from a very young age, I used to record mixtapes/cassettes. I remember waiting for a song to be played on the radio to record it, and then take a specific part of that song and add it to my mixtape, it was time-consuming, but the love and passion I had (and still have) for music made it worth the while. The club scene in Beirut was very mature, we had some amazing clubs that hosted legends of the underground music and it was during my early clubbing days that I recognised that this is what I want to do, this is what I want to focus on – playing and making music.

How are things in Dubai, with regards to events and things happening? You’ve been working on an events series recently right; can you tell us more about it?

Like most of the rest of the world, nightlife and entertainment is currently on hold. Dubai is very committed to lowering the number of COVD cases and so people’s safety has been the number one priority. That having been said, with the progress we’re seeing, we’re hoping that we can start hosting events in the very near future.

Yes! I launched a series of weekly events called “Escape” at a lovely beach venue, 40 minutes away from Dubai. Right now, I am focussing on showcasing the amazing local talent we have here in the city and really giving these artists a platform to showcase their sounds. Eventually, when we can, I would like to also start including some international artists to the line-up.

What else is coming up for you?

The rest of year will continue to look super good for me, release wise. My next immediate release will be on a top label and one of my favourites, Do Not Sit Recordings with 2 originals. The EP is due to be out on June 4 th . Thank you so much for hosting me. Much love to all.

-Bachir Salloum

Turn it up & enjoy!