Erick Diaz, the dynamic DJ and producer hailing from San Diego, is proud to announce the release of his latest EP, “Real Tight.” Bursting with 
energy and innovation, this EP showcases Erick Diaz’s unparalleled talent for blending bass house and house elements into a seamless sonic experience.

“Real Tight” EP presents a captivating journey through Erick Diaz’s signature sound, drawing influences from bass house, house, and beyond. With tracks like “Real Tight” and “Lose Control,” Erick Diaz demonstrates his ability to craft infectious grooves and electrifying rhythms that are sure to ignite dance floors worldwide.

Erick Diaz shares his thoughts on the EP: “I’m thrilled to share ‘Real Tight’ EP with the world. This project represents a culmination of my passion for bass house and house music, and I’m excited to showcase my growth and evolution as an artist. Each track on this EP is a reflection of my dedication to pushing the boundaries of electronic music and my art.”

The “Real Tight EP” is out April 12th!