Seattle bred DJ and producer Lavelle Dupree, now hailing from San Diego, drops his latest single, “Listen To Real Eyes,” showcasing his prowess in the tech house realm. Recognized for his solid presence in the genre and drawing inspiration from artists like Anthony Attalla and Gene Farris, Dupree crafts a track that stays true to his distinctive style.

“Listen To Real Eyes” is a testament to Dupree’s studio skills, featuring a catchy bass-line, tight percussion, and engaging synth patterns set to get listeners moving. Dupree explains, “‘Real Eyes’ pushes the boundaries of tech house, offering a true taste of the genre.” NOS Recordings once again proves their expertise, delivering a must-listen release in the electronic music scene.

Lavelle Dupree had this to say about the release;

“With “Real Eyes,” I aimed to create a track that not only embodies the essence of tech house but also pushes the boundaries of the genre. The fusion of energetic beats and intricate melodies reflects my dedication to delivering music that resonates with the audience”. 

“Listen To Real Eyes” is out now!