Dutch artist, Boris Werner, drops marvelous Daymare Dreamer EP on BPitch Control | Out Sep 16th

Amsterdam’s house purveyor Boris Werner returns with ‘Daymare Dreamer” EP featuring collaborations with noisemaker ‘Gretz & Rival of Mars’ as well as ‘Cinema Royale’ and two fresh solo tracks ‘Dance of the Hump Back Whale’ and ‘Frustration (No Strings Attached’). This EP by Werner, known for his infamous 23 hour DJ set in Amsterdam and as a resident at DC-10, kicks off with the title track ‘Daymare Dreamer’ riding its way in at a total of 7min 40 secs for a breezy welcome of classic Werner style house beats. This opening track bubbles with roots influence that fans will be familiar with as well as some slick vocal slices drifting in and out. The 80’s inspired synth chords give the track a very hypnotic and lush essence.

This new release comes after many live shows and events including his live set from an old wine bodega. This wealth of tour experiences, inspiration and excitement can be felt from the jazzy “Dance of the Hump Back Whale’ through to the funky pulsations of ‘Frustration (No Strings Attached)”. “King Hassan” a track created with fellow dutch producer Cinema Royale features superb 80s style house/electro cow-bell samples, mysterious murky baselines and forward motion keyboard funk.

Boris Werner & Cinema Royale – King Hassan (Original Mix) [BPitch Control]

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Interview with Boris Werner

Really diggin’ this new EP! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us!
Ah nice to hear, I like you like! And it’s my pleasure…

Can you explain the concept inspiration behind Daymare Dreamer? How is this EP special from some of your other recent productions?
Its actually a nice collage of 4 really different tracks, every track got a different vibe to it. But as an ep it also makes sense i think.
The title track is real special for me, Shamiro and Gretz who both layed down the vocals.
It’s an homage to a friend of ours who tragically passed away in NYC. It all felt so surreal, like a freaking daymare. And the best way I know how to cope with such things is just lock myself in the studio and get caught in a bubble.

How did you link up with Ellen Allien for this release on BPitch Control? Tell us the story behind your connection…
We met some years ago and always have so much fun! I think it started when we played b2b at this festival in Istanbul. There was a crazy storm going on and my stage was cancelled but Ellen was like let’s play b2b, and I was like hell yeahs! After that we swapped some tracks and ideas for the EP and came out to this quite versatile EP. After buying one of the first EP’s on BPitch back in ‘99 it kinda makes sense for me that I would release something on Ellen’s label.

What does your creative process in the studio entail? Any rituals?
Not really to be honest, if there would be one it’s cleaning the studio after the session before, haha…Next to that I really like to hit the hot tubs and sauna on the rooftop of the Volkshotel. My studio is in the basement of the building and it can really help to change the mindset if you get stuck down there.

What cool gigs are on the horizon for you this summer?
I’m in Marrakech now for Atlas festival, it’s the first edition and super excited how it will turn out! Next to that I will play a couple of more dates at Circoloco in Ibiza. Also joining the Paradise crew in Moscow and doing a little tour trough Ireland. Haven’t been much in the studio lately but recently did a remix for William Djoko called Dirty Talk, coming out in a few months on Voyage Direct.

Since you’re based over in Amsterdam, what are your plans for this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event this October? Any recommendations?
I have quite a busy schedule, next to that I always like to meet up with colleagues and friends. Maybe I like that the most, to see that many people from all over all together in my home town and enjoying themselves. Besides all the parties and stuff I would just walk around the city and soak in the laidback vibes Amsterdam has to offer.


Artist: Boris Werner
Title: Daymare Dreamer EP
Label: BPitch Control
Release Date: 16 Sep 2016



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Jimbo James
Managing Editor