ATTARI (Renaud Deru) is a staple Brussels / Belgium DJ producer on the scene for the last 15 years. He has produced and mixed many tracks on labels such as Eskimo Recordings, mule musiq, Discotexas, Gomma, Stones Trow Rec, and his own label Monkey Parade Records. He is behind the legendary clubs Dirty Dancing and Libertine Supersport in Brussels, and he more recently opened the private club “Le Jalousy”. He also works closely with the green festival “Paradise City” as a booker, stage host and resident dj.

“Serpentar” & “Pongo Parade” are two rather slow tracks, perfectly suited to the “Static Dancing” rules imposed in Belgium (and almost everywhere else) at the moment. Serpentar is a UFO whose frame revolves around heady percussions and greasy bass, while Pongo Parade is a tangerine-flavored candy that you want to enjoy by a swimming pool.

Serpentar is out 10/16/2020 on Sapiens


Artist: Attari
Title: Serpentar
Label: Sapiens
Release Date: 2020-10-16


Turn it up & enjoy!