Swedish producer Patrik Kindvall has made a truly impressive start to his artist career as Klur. Two years on from his debut release, he has harnessed his magnificent melodic / progressive house sound into the ten tracks that make up his debut album Visions.

It’s this same sound that has garnered him a loyal following with over a million monthly listeners on Spotify, millions of streams across platforms, DJ support from likes of Lane 8, Madeon, Tritonal, Above & Beyond and more, all whilst being recognised as the third most played artist on SiriusXM Chill in the last year.

A remix version of his debut album Visions – with reimaginings from artists like Fejka, Modera and Martin Rott – is due for release April 2023.

Here, he puts together a playlist of 10 ambient and calming tracks to listen to while being in the nature.

Lowercase Noises – Silence of Siberia

This track is an example on how you can make ambient music interesting by arranging it a little different with a progression and different sections throughout the song that makes it npt just relaxing to listen to but also keeps you interested and active through the listening.

The Barr Brothers – Oscilla

First time I listened to this track was when I was walking in the forest in summertime and really taking in the nature around me. Somehow this song really enhanced all my senses and made my walk more present and enjoyable. I like the mix between the sound design, the wobbling sub bass etc.) and the organic instruments.

The Tides – Great Ocean

This track shows how you can you can make something really big out of just a piano and some synths. the title is perfect for this song it reminds me of walking on the beach and taking in the vastness of the ocean.

Olafur Arnalds – Partial

I had to include a Olafur arnalds track and this track is a perfect example for how he can make so much with so little. He is the master of minimalism. just an arpeggio that keeps evolving with strings perfectly arranged.

Wardruna – Lyfjaberg

Something I really enjoy doing is walking in the swedish forest and listening to Wardruna. Wardruna or Einar Selvik has a special talent to make you travel to an ancient forgotten time when listening to his music.

Azaleh – Im wandel der nacht

This is a mysterious track that is perfect t o listen to in the night time or evening. It’s not really an ambient track and its not really a synth track. Azaleh is so good at building a story with his tracks and the foley sounds makes you more immersed in the story and world he is building with his tracks.

Snorri Hallgrimson – Chasing the Present

Another great minimalistic ambient track from an icelandic composer. The track slowly softly progresses while built on top of a soft arpeggiated piano is such a powerful and great way to make a track.

Lycoriscoris – Saisei

Lycoriscoris is so great at making space in his tracks almost like a classical zen painting with more space on the canvas than brush strokes. This is such a unique track both in sound design and melody. This track is perfect to listen to and just sit and look at clouds passing by.

They Dream by Day – Trapped

This is a song that builds on almost just one note that keeps moving around progressively. It’s an example of that just because you have less notes in a track doesn’t make it necessarily boring. I like the original sound design and minimalism in this track.

Wiljan – Ephemera

This track is just so epic and calming at the same time. Perfect for walking in a nice big open landscape.