With a deeply intuitive understanding of production, Mz Worthy has shown reverence to the traditional form of classic House even while tripping off the mark and sinking into euphoric, less-charted territories of booty-clapping bass. Instrumental in establishing Dirtybird’s infamous San Francisco parties alongside Claude VonStroke and Justin & Christian Martin, she released multiple times with the label as well as with imprints like Insomniac, Club Sweat and Slothacid.

Last year marked a period of significant challenges and transitions for Mz Worthy, prompting a period of deep reflection during the fall. Amidst this introspection, she recognized the need to create an uplifting song as a source of solace and empowerment.

With her new single out now, we asked her to put together a list of some of the inspirational music that powered her creativity.


Sasha – Global Underground 009 (CD1)

This mix left an indelible mark on me, perhaps even influencing my decision to relocate to San Francisco. During my college days, it was a constant companion, a cherished favorite that resonated deeply with me. Witnessing Sasha and Digweed perform at the iconic Twilo nightclub in NYC was amazing and created a desire in me to be as great an artist.

Deee-Lite – River of Freedom

Dee-Lite’s emergence marked my introduction to true electronic music, a groundbreaking experience. Their ability to penetrate the mainstream was nothing short of astonishing. This particular track remains a cherished favorite of mine, consistently bringing joy whenever I revisit it.

Dj John Kelley – Funky Desert Breaks – 1996

I remember first hearing this mix and being pretty blown away. I had never heard anything like it before. The idea of being in the desert raving sounded so foreign to me at this point in my life. But it also sounded like the perfect place to experience dance music. When I finally got to listen to electronic music in the desert it lived up to the hype that I had in my head all those years

LTJ Bukem Featuring MC Conrad – Progression Sessions 1

LTJ Bukem is indeed a jungle legend, and his music and label have been a significant source of inspiration for me. The soundscapes he crafts and the vibes he creates are unparalleled.

Bjork – Violently Happy

Björk’s distinct voice coupled with her innovative use of electronic music has created some truly remarkable pieces of electronic music. Her early forays into dance music left a profound impact on me, showcasing the perfect blend of her ethereal vocals with cutting-edge electronic sounds.

Argy – Love Dose

This is one of those timeless tracks that has stayed with me since its early days. Its ethereal soundscape and electrifying synth melody are truly exceptional.

Solid Groove – This is Sick

For me, Dave Taylor truly stands out as the artist who reshaped the trajectory of dance music. His innovative production style left a profound impact on countless producers, including the OG dirtybird DJs, who heavily featured his tracks. With so many exceptional tunes to choose from, it’s a challenge to pick just one to showcase his brilliance.

Mathew Dear – Don and Sherri

I have always been a huge fan of Mathew Dear and this song is just one that has stuck with me over the years in his huge catalog.

Groove Armada – At The River

This track by Groove Armada has always held a special place in my heart. Its sunny melodies and laid-back groove never fail to transport me to a beachside paradise, where I can envision myself sipping on a refreshing cocktail.

Jamie Lidell – A Little More

This song holds a special place in my heart; it’s both amazing and beautifully simple. I had the privilege of seeing the artist perform at WMC shortly after its release. It was an awe-inspiring moment for me, as I witnessed them loop and craft the song live, right before my eyes. The ability to recreate the magic of the track in real-time left me utterly blown away.

Mz Worthy – You Can’t Label Me feat. Dominique Gomez is out now on Love & Forgive