[Release]  The irrepressible German production powerhouse that is Piemont are back once again with a new EP, this time on Spanish legend Wally Lopez The Factoria imprint. The two originals come backed with remixes by Gabriel Ananda & Sidney Charles to ensure a firing package with something for everyone. First up is Okinawa with its firm and heavy kick drums underpinning marching percussion and various other eco systems of sonic FX, details and quirky hooks. The vibe is tropical and humid, involving and funky, before German techno champion Gabriel Ananda goes for a much more cinematic take on his remix. His version is stuffed with all sorts of weird and wonderful synthesised sounds and plays to the brain as much as the body. Panic Room is the other original with its metallic surfaces, rattling bell sounds and scraping hits all painting an abstract picture before tin pot hooks and deep looping bass tie the whole thing together into a pumping groove that will have dance floors sweating. Sydney Charles goes for a weird and wonderful minimal interpretation in his version with post apocalyptic vibes permeating a baron landscape of sound. Its eerie and mysterious and makes for evocative listening. Another winning EP then, from the house of Piemont.


Artist:  Piemont
Title:  Okinawa EP
Label:  The Factoria
Catalog No.:  FACTO065

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