[Release]  Andhim have been on a steady run upwards in the last couple years, and a sprint in the past few months. Playing high profile venues and festivals right next to the veterans of the scene, the duo are now keen to make their Get Physical debut with ‘The Wizard Of Us’ EP. “GPM has always been one of our favorite labels” says Simon, “We can really feel that it is about music and the creation of something bigger than chart positions”. The title track is a peak time pumper that also possesses a sweet side. “We tried to tell a saga, to evoke an image of a time long ago to move, not only the feet on the dance floor, but also the minds of the listener. After all the ubiquity of deep house we wanted to break borders; wanted to bring back something different to the scene.” Riding high on rhythm and sexy vibes, its gonna get you on your feet whether you like it or not. Moving on, ‘Hausch’ shows a lighter side of Andhim, with lofty percussion and a smooth summer vibe. “‘Hausch’ is a typical Andhim song, putting a smile on peoples face. It’s a very warm and laid-back track to welcome the spring.” And that’s exactly what they’ve achieved, we hope you’ll agree.


Artist:  Andhim
Title:  The Wizard Of Us
Label:  Get Physical Music
Catalog No.:  GPM230

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