MTK011 comes courtesy of Ominous, disCerN and Cari Golden. A two track EP featuring remixes from Kiki, Matt Hardinge and Cali Lanauze. Shattered is a smooth, warm textured track full of live elements that make up the Ominous sound. From the rhythmical guitar cuts, to the flowing string samples, the production floats through syncopated synth elements, all providing the platform on which the vocals of Cari Golden glide across. Remixes of Shattered come from Kiki and Matt Hardinge. Kiki has taken the track up in tempo, offering a mix for peak time sets. Look out for the cut up vocals adding texture and variety to the base tech elements of this remix. Matt Hardinge brings a more driving feel, towards the deep techno side. Over a strong 8th note bass line and pad section, the production is covered with subtle effect elements and a variety of interest points, most notably the spacious live drums. The second original track on this EP is Ethernal Quest, this time Ominous teaming up with disCerN. A sharper and more upfront track, with a punchier bass line and edgier synth textures, very much in contrast to Shattered. On the remix here is Cali Lanauze with his 5am take. As the name would suggest, Cali has created a track for the later hours, dark and deep with a lot of energy. Vocal and industrial percussive elements can be picked out from the rolling bass line and strong pad sections to create a strong hypnotic feel.


Artist:  Ominous
Title:  Shattered
Label:  Motek Music
Catalog No.:  MTK011