Not for the first time and likely not for the last time either – we welcome Swedish West Coaster Nyreau to release his debute EP with us, Café Repis. The EP name references his favourite local Café, where many sets were played, more ideas – good and bad – were discussed, and even more beers were drunk .
He brings to you 4 tracks of signature sample-based house goodiness, that can teleport you from even the greyest of places to a colorful open air where you just were served a mimosa and you just now spotted that cute guy/girl you saw at the 7 Eleven earlier.

Café Repis is out 05/01/2020 on Hi-Hat Appreciation Society (H.H.A.S.)

Artist: Nyreau
Title: Café Repis
Label: Hi-Hat Appreciation Society (H.H.A.S.)
Release Date: 2020-05-01




Turn it up & enjoy!