Nico Jaar, one of the best young musicians and producers of our generation, is set to launch a new imprint this September. The imprint, called Other People, will take its first breath of life with a various artist compilation called Trust. The beginning of a new musical journey means the end of an old one, and the artist will be leaving his Clown & Sunset imprint behind in pursuit of Other People.

Resident Advisor reports the new imprint will be a “series label,” adding Jaar’s input that “Like a magazine, we deliver new content each week. Every Sunday, our members receive a new issue.” Look out for Trust at the end of summer.

Tracklist for Trust (Other People)

01. Will Epstein – Trust I
02. Nikita Quasim – The Way I Felt Today
03. My Girl & Me – Always Back To You
04. Quentin Pistol – Qè
05. David Terranova – Kinq
06. High Water – Railroad Song
07. Benjha – Gravity
08. Acid Pauli – The Gap And The Grip
09. Triangleline – Chronon And Echo
10. Valentin Stip – Temple
11. Nicolas Jaar – Break My Love
12. Dave Harrington Remix Feat. Tamara – Why Didn’t You Save Me
13. Will Epstein – Trust II