[New Mix] It’s hard to play favorites when there are so many seriously amazing artists turning out so many innovative blissful tunes all the time in electronic music, but, I am more than confident in labeling Culprit‘s newest shining stars sexicans Climbers as one of my top few favorites right now. Ever since they first entered my consciousness a few months ago, it was love at first sound. Like a proper crush, it was infatuation from the surface and over the months as I’ve gotten to know them better through this musical courtship of them wooing with sexy mixes and revealing their souls through their seriously sublime original tracks and sound, it’s safe to say, I’m in love. This mix completely solidifies that affirmation. More ambient and ethereal than their previous mixes, this one for HYPE is set for summer. While they definitely hit their emblematic deep dance heavy token Climbers bassline and sound later in the mix, the beginning of this one just woos you with a melodic instrumental entrancing sound … it’s just plain beautiful and blissful. This mix will not only get you dancing but it will take you higher and fill your heart n soul. Spread the love my dears …