[New Mix] So I don’t know anything about this “Happy Novisad” podcast, or where it comes from. I just know it’s good and Echonomist just posted it on his SoundCloud. At least he gives us this interesting promo photo and a tracklist to go with the mix so we can’t complain too much. Searching SoundCloud for good music to post, I also came across his Live Promo mix, so I’ve included that mix here too.


Track List (Happy Novisad Podcast):


01. Gavin Herlihy & Delano_Smith-Krypton Factor (Delano’s Deep Space Mix) – Apparel music
02. Jay Shepheard – String Theory (Original Mix) – Retrofit
03. Ben Westbeech – Something for the weekend (The Revenge keep up Dub Remix) – D:Vision
04. Filipsson – Dynamo feat. Bingo Gazingo (Original Mix) – Jack Off
05. Echonomist – The Way (John Dimas no way remix) – 3rd Wave Black
06. Dj Sprinkles – Grand Central Park (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix) – Mule Musiq
07. Nina Kraviz – Okains Scream (Sebo K Remix) – Tsuba
08. Jerome Sydenham – Good Dog (Original Mix) – Apotek
09. Willie Graff, Tuccillo – Give You Up (Original Mix) – Freerange
10. Marc Romboy, Kink – No Sports (Original Mix) – Ovum



Track List (Live Promo Mix)


01. Echonomist – Simple minds (Original mix) / Quantized Music
02. Marcus Meinhardt – Checkpot (Echonomist Remix) / Upon You
03. Echonomist – The Way (Original mix) / 3rd Wave Black
04. Echonomist – Haystack (Original mix) / Apparel music
05. Echonomist – Pete Standing Alone (Original mix) / Unreleased
06. Echonomist – Higher Love (Original mix) / Unreleased
07. Echonomist – Giraffe Feat. Dans Mon Salon (Original mix) / Unreleased
08. Echonomist – Cataclysm (Origianl mix) / Unreleased
09. Floska – Rotblau (Echonomist Remix) / Apulia Records
10. Quell, Echonomist – Helios (Original mix) / Unreleased