[New Mix] Here is a sensual and seductive mix by duo Blond:ish for the 289th installation of the Electronic Groove Podcast. “[Electronic Groove] consider[s] Blond:ish’s Kompakt debut 12” “Lovers In Limbo” one of the most flamboyant dance records this year, as DJ’s Anstascia and Vivie-Ann know damn well how to stage an act. What sets them apart, though, is the ability to align their schtick with some serious production skills. Inspired by their interest in late 60’s musical movements, the psychedelic-inflused “Lovers In Limbo” EP combines highly explosive main floor antics with evocative side degree machinations that wouldn’t feel out of place in a steampunk spaghetti western. Check out this tightly knit mix Blond:ish did for the beautiful people over at Electronic Groove.” … and for all of the disco-dancer lovers all around the world!



Keep an eye out for a Lovelife Party flyer featuring Blond:ish very soon!