[New Mix] A night out at the club means different things to different people. Some venture into the night simply to escape the 9-5 slog, drown a couple of gin-and-tonics, and dance the night away with a few other willing bodies. Others go out as if it were a pilgrimage, solemnly standing in a darkened corner, mentally filing away the DJ’s track-list, waiting to hear something new.

And that’s why delivering a great set is a delicate balance, between the hits, and the unheard-of groovy tracks that keep the rhythm between them. Alex Fish, aka Holosound NYC, manages to maintain this careful line in the live set he delivered at Ottawa’s BPM nightclub on May 12, recorded in high quality for your listening pleasure. A pioneer of the city’s house scene as far back as 2004, with releases on Citric, Nightshade, and Nurvous records, amongst others, he brings a deep record bag and years of mixing experience to the table.

The set begins with a few classic house jams, spilling catchy organ riffs and rising melodies over the dancefloor. With the crowd hooked, Fish begins the journey into the groovy, dark and sexy side of house music. Waifs and Strays hit “Body Shiver” comes in at just the right time, a surprise to cap off the build before it. Following this comes the ground-shaking “House Nation” by SAS. Fish is alternately driving and melodic, dropping Norwegian phenom Finnebassen’s “If Your Girl Only Knew,” a deep, vocal jam that has a sort of mysteriously wonderful effect, particularly with the fairer sex. Rounding out the trove are some older and newer classics, including Dexter Kane – Dirty Cash , Huxley – Let It Go, and a throwback to 90’s clubbing with an acapella from N-Jio’s “Anthem” (“I’m in love with you…want you to love me too”) over a delicious slice of rolling bass. The set ends with a perfect blend of solid 4/4 grooves and a catchy little vocal to repeat in your head on the drive (or slovenly walk) home.

From start to finish, Alex Fish delivers a set full of funk, persuasive basslines, and seductive melodies. Whether a night out at the club is the most important part of your week or just a fun distraction from your “real” life, his careful programming and spot-on mixing do not disappoint.    

Look out for more from Alex Fish aka Holosound on his upcoming European tour, and on his soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/holosoundnyc or Pulse Radio page http://pulseradio.net/artists/holosound


– Prab Kumar