[Forthcoming Release] The infamous Black Jukebox series is an amalgamation of the musical tastes of the label Exploited and one of their artists Shir Khan, dipping their toes into the groovy world of disco edits with a deep twist. The fourth in the series comes to us from N, also known as Noir, also known as the Dane with the infamously SEXY voice and sexy musical stylings. This new gem he graces us with is no exception, featuring ‘Lucy In The Sky With Pearls’ Original and Voxdub edit. Disco diva vocals overlay the deeper voice and vibe and the groovin bassline keeps your body movin. The Black Jukebox series is selective and doesn’t overflow with releases, when they do decide to grace us with some goodies, they are to be treasured.




Title: Black Jukebox 04 / Lucy In The Sky With Pearls
Artist: N
Label: Exploited
Catalog: BJ 04
Release Date: August 14