[New Release]  It’s been a few months since Digital Delight‘s last release, and the seemingly long wait was worth it.  Miguel Puente‘s new EP, You Can Have Head, is a jam packed EP with heavy rhythms,  huge bass, and  sinisterly gangsta sound.  If that wasn’t enough, Rebel and Cera Alba are also on the EP with huge remixes.

The first song ‘Why Wouldn’t I’ is a dance floor destroyer, with its massive bass line,  ominous tones and sensually eerie vocals.  ‘You Can Have Head’ is another monster of a track with its heavy rhythm,  catchy bass line and great use of vocals and synth.    Rebel delivers his own signature style and sound with his “3 am Remix” which takes you even deeper and darker into the world that is gangsta house.  Cera Alba infuses his remix with a futuristic upbeat feel, adding another stellar track to this already loaded EP.

Overall this EP is amazing–massive bass, heavy rhythms, and an overall sound that is speaker destroyer.  Miguel Puente does it again with this release and in fine fashion, Rebel and Cera Alba follow suit.  As always, Digital Delight are on point with their releases and we can’t wait to hear what comes next from them.




Artist:  Miguel Puente
Title:  You Can Have Head EP
Label:  Digital Delight
Catalog No.:  DD012


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