Brazilian sound wizard ROTCIV has become an underground mainstay over the last decade. Currently based in Berlin, his vibrant work has landed on several labels, including Jorkes’ Freeride Millenium. We caught up with ROTCIV as Freeride Millenium welcomes him back for it’s first release of the year, ‘PnoPBBB’.

Hey Victor! Thanks for chatting to Music Is 4 Lovers. How’s your 2024 going so far? Hi, thanks, it’s my pleasure! 2024 is going very well, full of new and positive life experiences,, plans for travelling and DJing. Also, because of the winter months in Berlin it’s been very cozy to make some new music too!

On the 15th February you’re providing Freeride Millennium’s first release of 2024 with ‘PnoPBBB’. We’d love to know more about the release and why you decided to make a return to this imprint. i’ve been releasing EPs every year on Freeride Millenium for some time now, and there’s definitely a certain way I go about it, the kind of tracks and message that I want to attach to the label’s artistic and edgy attitude.  They make me feel very comfortable releasing anything I like to, which is rare!

We’re loving the sounds of ‘PnoPBBB’, it’s full of bumping house/disco grooves and has superb trance vibes. What was the production process like for this release? Are there any notable pieces of kit that you tend to use? These tracks were made exactly one year ago, the BPMs and moods vary a lot from track to track. There are disco, electro, new beat, house, italo, dub, house, trance and breakbeat references, bass-heavy music for the clubs and special words here and there with subliminal thoughts and stories. It’s full of analogue and mystical dark synths, percussion, arps and 80s/90s influences as always.

Over the years you’ve built up an impressive underground career as a DJ/Producer going back to the late 90s; what has been the biggest contribution to your success? Success means different things for different people, my formula has been to keep authentic to myself, listen and stay open to new music and respecting the ones that came before me. Back in the mid-90s when I started, things were extremely different, but I still have the same passion and love for what I do. Changing is key, and I’m always reinventing my sound and techniques; getting new gear for the studio sometimes doesn’t hurt either…

As a Brazilian currently based in Germany, would you say that your surroundings have inspired you, as both nations have a rich history of dance music. I have always been obsessed about electronic german music, especially in the beginning of the 90s growing up; from techno and trance on the various classic german labels, to breakbeats, ambient and experimental stuff. When it comes to the Brazilian music, it influenced me a lot as a child, growing up in the 80s.

Are there any notable clubs in Berlin that you tend to frequent or play at? Yes, I’ve been playing in most underground and queer Berlin clubs and parties in these last 14 years since I arrived; that’s where I feel most comfortable. From Berghain’s Panorama and Lab, to Cocktail D’amore, Renate, Sysyphos, Pornceptual and many more.

The striking artwork for your releases comes from Daniel Rajcsanyi. Can you tell us a bit about it?  Daniel is a rebel at heart and this is one of the factors that makes Freeride Millenium special. This time he came up with something more playful and fun to go with my music, I love it!

Finally do you have anything planned for the rest of 2024 that you can tell us about? Yes, I am planning a Brazil visit next month as well as some exciting new music releases that I am not able to reveal just yet in details, but they are all in the pipeline as we speak… Thanks for having me!

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