Mollono.bass is a founding member of the legendary quartet Kombinat100 and has been a familiar figure on the international scene for quite a while now, not only because of his impressive sets and releases.

His fervent passion for electronic music also led to the founding of the label Acker Records in 2006 and two years later to the founding of 3000° Records.

Mollono.Bass regularly delivers productions that move between warm, groovy and driving drum sets and also like to travel into a dubby, harmonic and emotional sound universe.

His organic sound with a touch of atmospheric sounds takes the listener on a journey through space and time. This is also the case with his album “Wood, Tales & Friends” which is now being honoured in a second remix release.

On the release, “Super Flu” launch an flamboyant and unpredictable remix of “No Silence feat. Kuoko” into space, giving the original track a different twist and transforming it into a touching and colourfully layered piece of art.

3000 Grad family member Stephan Zovsky adds another remix to “Your Smile” and presents a driving and at the same time groovy production.