Los Angeles-based techno trailblazers Mea Inferno have just dropped their latest single, “Pleasure,” amidst the buzz of their previous hit, “Girls in Here.”

This new track is not just a song but an experience, complete with a self-directed visualizer that plunges fans into the heart of Mea Inferno‘s artistry. Known for their intense and immersive performances, the duo has crafted “Pleasure” as an audiovisual feast that promises to enrapture with its frenetic beats and hypnotic visuals.

“Pleasure” showcases Mea Inferno’s signature high-velocity beats and distorted acid lines, perfectly embodying the group’s affinity for the darker side of techno. The single arrives with impeccable timing for the Halloween season, featuring a visualizer with nods to iconic horror films like “The Blair Witch Project” and “The Shining,” ensuring an extra dose of thrill.

Mea Inferno, consisting of Kylie and Carley, has been a formidable presence in the Southern California underground scene. Their innovative approach to techno — blending acid, techno, and hard trance — draws inspiration from a spectrum of artists, including Jacidorex, Amelie Lens, and Sara Landry. Not content with just music, Mea Inferno’s creative vision extends to the visual domain, as seen in the self-styled music videos accompanying their debut EP, “Ascension.”

Their commitment to the craft and their vibrant stage presence have earned them a spot alongside techno titans such as Charlotte de Witte, ØTTA, and CLTX. By hosting electrifying sets in unconventional venues like warehouses and missile bunkers, Mea Inferno has become the pulse of the LA underground scene, inviting a new wave of ravers to dive into the depths of underground techno.

With “Pleasure,” Mea Inferno continues to define their place in the music world, offering not just tracks but portals into worlds of their own making, where every beat is an invitation to lose oneself in the raw energy of techno. The duo’s ascent in the electronic music realm is a spectacle to watch, with each release promising to transport listeners to new heights of audiovisual bliss. Listen HERE.