20 years ago Adam Beyer created what has become one of the most incredible labels in the industry called Drumcode. Throughout the years we’ve heard some of the most amazing artists release incredible tracks, listened to renowned podcasts and experienced some of the best parties thrown around the world. Here we are today and Drumcode is still hot, building even more musical relationships, this one with Marco Faraone. His latest EP “Climax” is full of dancefloor heat.

“Climax” is the perfect title for this EP. Each track gradually builds into an intense stimulation of sound that culminates into your speakers with ideal peaks to make the crowds go wild. “Spectre” features clattering synths with a driving bass and jolting percussion. “Boost” is dark, deep banger that evolves into a rhythmic groove which slightly lightens up the track into a frisky techno whip. “Over the Clouds” creates a more dream like track with building layers that expand into a lovely high pitch synth that sings. Let this EP help create a crowd’s dance floor satisfaction.


Artist: Marco Faraone
Release Date:
Label: Drumcode
Catalog No.: DC154

Marco Faraone – Climax

Becky Nutt
Contributing Editor