Steyoyoke is officially out with their 2nd label collaboration album “Coalescense”. This label is about passion. The feelings of the artist portrayed through their music come from deep within the soul. The musicians are forward thinking, highly skilled, and creative. The album expresses the strong bonds that tie all the artists together and unifies their individual elements of style and sound as one. As an extra bonus many of the artists on this album have been featured on Music is 4 Lovers Lovecasts or premiers.

First up on “Coalescense”, Animal Picnic and Aaryon drop “Tangram”, which is a beautifully laid back track with melodious piano and moving horn sounds.  “Soma” by Dahu and Soul Button has slightly funky percussion with wobbly synths, big horns, and a spine chilling drop. “Isocian” brings the house down with a huge track to make heads bob and fans scream wild on the dance floors.  Blancah is added in amongst the rest of these talents with “Human Knot” which has a high pitch scream that is soothing to the soul and riveting percussion. “Mind Maze” gets a bit more intricate with craze bringing in fx that scream out love. Ran Salman is on it with his proficient sounds. “Torque” ads Nick Devon onto this collaboration which has crashing synths and ads a bit of darkness amongst the light.  Mpathy joins in the tracks “Arxon” and “Jigsaw” which both have enticing percussion and hypnotic horn sounds, but uniquely different styles. Through the looking glass “Kaleidoscope” is chill, melodious and yet still a dance floor tune for late night hours. To close out the album “Fractals” is another beaut with haunting lyrics that chime glory in your ears. This entire album is incredible and each track is a hit on its own.  You can feel the devotion coming through your speakers when these tracks ring.


Artist: Animal Picnic, Aaryon, Dahu, Soul Button, Blancah, Ran Salman, Nick Devon, Mpathy
Release Date:
Label: Steyoyoke
Catalog No.: SYYK044

V.A. Coalescene


Becky Nutt
Contributing Editor