A US tour? How?! you may ask, we’re in the midst of a global lockdown. Announced on Monday, Marc Rebillet will be taking in 5 US cities using drive-in cinemas as the event locations. Starting in Charlotte, NC he’ll work his way west via Kansas City, Tulsa, Fort Worth and finally ending up in Houston, TX .

Tickets will start at $90 for a 2 person car increasing to $165 for 4 people. Please note, local contact tracing standards apply, you’ll need ID and minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult. You can buy the tickets here.

Attendees to the concerts will need to keep their windows rolled up and enjoy the concert via a FM Transmitter pumping the music into their cars. “My team and I have been working super super hard to put this together quickly and assure it happens safely and responsibly,” Rebillet said on a video announcing the news.

Speaking to CNN he explained he is trying to make the best of the situation and has planned the tour to visit cities with less rigorous restrictions. Logistical considerations such as using restrooms are currently being reviewed but Rebillet is typically upbeat: “It’ll be me, out there, doing a show,” he said. “Since everyone is going to be forced to be in their cars, I’ll be able to do a lot of running around, ‘interacting’ with the audience, just by doing my thing.