[Release]  Get Physical Music is a label that needs no introduction.  Releasing quality music for ten years and having a massive catalog of fine tunes,  we get their 2ooth release from label founders and owners M.A.N.D.Y..  A beautiful two track release from these two gents which greatly sums up the quality of this label and the direction they are headed in.

‘Twisted Sister’ is a smooth blend of driving percussion and marvelous bass lines laced together by ambient elements floating throughout the track.  A quintessential track from Get Physical displaying the fine tuning that this label is.  ‘Superstitious’ is a classic track with a late night feel that we have come to know and love from this label.  Rising and falling synths accompanied by  a sinister vibe sets this track up nicely.

A wonderful release from both Get Physical and M.A.N.D.Y., expect to see this record in many DJ’s bags and to be hearing these jams subbing out of speakers near you.


Artist:  M.A.N.D.Y.
Title:  Twisted Sister
Label:  Get Physical Music
Catalog No.:  GPM200

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