[Release]  Tone Of Arc has been sweeping the globe with their infectious sound. With their first release is still getting tons of play time and the live show getting rave reviews, it’s no wonder that No.19 brought them back. Although he often DJs alone as Tone of Arc, he produces his music with vocalist/”partner in rhyme,” Zoe Presnick. Their next release, Goodbye Horses, is a tribute to the classic 1988 Q Lazarus song by the same name. First made famous for being in the film Silence of the Lambs, it’s definitely making a comeback with this wonderful interpretation.  In addition, we get a new original from TOA alongside a wonderful remix supplied by Deniz Kurtel.

“Goodbye Horses” is a wonderfully dark-edged rendition with soulful vocals, great arrangement, and a euphoric tone.  A great closing track, or one to drop when you want to switch the mood, this is a great tool for any DJ.

On the flip side, we get a new original ‘Soundsail.” Marvelous piano arrangements, darkly seductive tones, and his wife Zoe featured on the vocals make this one magically sublime.  A broke down melodic remix with tons of atmosphere by Deniz Kurtel is a perfect wrap up to this superb record.

A wonderful piece of music, it is no wonder why Tone of Arc is an artist gaining so much attention.  You can expect lots more from this talented two-some and if you haven’t seen Tone of Arc’s live show yet, make sure you do next time they’re in town.


Artist:  Tone Of Arc
Title:  Goodbye Horses
Label:  No.19 Music
Catalog No.: NO19028

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