The Italian deep house duo Lula Circus, comprised of Danilo Sardella and Sergio Frazzingaro, are back with their second EP on the Brooklyn-based imprint Stranjjur. Released on August 8th, Star Crossed Love is sure to enrapture ravers and deliver on the dance floor.

The record starts off strong with the outstanding original production ‘2U.’ The syrupy sound of male vocals passionately purr ‘I’m sending all my love to you,’ as a penetrating bassline and majestic melody hooks the listener in. One can easily imagine the heartfelt sentiment gliding over the gusts of wind in the breakdown, and landing on his beloved’s distant ears as an aching echo. The tenuous tune leaves the listener yearning and lonely for long-lost lovers.

The second original track on the EP, ‘So Cold,’ has darker undertones, as the urgent vocals heart-wrenchingly call out to a lover who is drifting apart; he agonizingly repeats “you are so cold” with so much soul it is almost too much to take. “Just tell me baby” he cries, as the punishing bassline pushes the track to its impassioned peak.

The remixes for ‘So Cold’ are stacked, starting with a solid groove from the Belgian hitmaker Kolombo, who focuses on the echoey aspect of the vocals and bouncy melodies for a more upbeat take on the tune. Next up is the monster remix from Havens + Hart, which really gives the track an added level of liveliness sure to ferociously fill any floor. It maintains all of the vocals from the original, while adding a distinct bassline that brings bravado to the bittersweet theme. The EP closes with a garage-charged remix from newcomer Beckwith (anjunadeep), who tacks on a sense of fresh funkiness and pure house vibes to the otherwise deeper EP. Unlike the notion of Star Crossed Love itself, this EP is definitely anything but doomed.



Artist: Lula Circus
Title: Star Crossed Love EP
Label: Stranjjur
Catalog No.: STRANJJ014