Swiss based imprint Cadenza releases the first part in the Into The Aether series produced by label head Luciano and various musically inclined friends.  Both tracks encompass an organic fluidity while also sidestepping with raw, percussive strength.  Marlowe (aka Digitaline) helps with the clanging erraticism and mellow groove of “Arizona Green Song” while Dani Casarano lends his input in “Bell’s & Tonic,” a breezy, funky number with a grounded nature and authentic harmony-birds chirping, passing trains and all.

Keep your eye out for part 2 in the coming months, but for now order this new beginning from Juno or Phonica <3

Artist: Luciano & Friends
Title: Into The Aether (Part 1)
Label: Cadenza
Release Date: March 31st, 2014
Catalogue #: Cadenza93