After diffusing Clown & Sunset last year, Nicolas Jaar’s new endeavor is gaining momentum, as imprint Other People continues to thrive on its alternative path with an ethereally potent package from Montreal based artist Drew Gragg.

Simplistically endearing and dreamily  composed, these 6 songs build with instrumental anticipation and deep, melodic sympathies.  “1” is so alluring, leaning into your soul with rich strums and hushed utterances while “Metroplex Theme” concludes with a fresh, cosmic soundscape and upbeat flow…

Over-Under is a wholesome listening experience, sure to calm thoughts and ease minds so lend your ear and purchase digitally thru Beatport or iTunes <3

Artist: Drew Gragg
Title: Over-Under
Label: Other People
Release Date: March 31st, 2014
Catalogue #: OP009