Culprit’s bosses Droog and one of the LA-based imprint’s core European artists, Edu Imbernon, follow up their 2015 collaboration with a new set of lush melodic house. Their first studio venture, “Spectral,” laid down the template for harmonically rich, emotionally charged dance music – one that artists explore in depth on “Lucent.”

The release’s two originals brim with gleaming melodic ideas, echoing the euphoric feel of the late 1990s dance music, but opting for slower, more relaxed tempo and sturdier groove. “Lucent” is the more cosmic of the pair, evoking a sunrise over a California desert, with “Gamut” setting an sweeping epic, end-of-the-night mood.

Berlin’s Nico Stojan is a producer on form, with recent releases and remixes for Rebellion, Kindisch and Suara making an impact. Stojan takes “Gamut” into a deeper, gently percussive place, reminiscent of the finest moments in Acid Pauli and Nu’s work. The remix marks his first – and very welcomed – collaboration with Culprit.

Edu Imbernon & Droog – Lucent (Original Mix) [Culprit]

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Artist: Edu Imbernon, Droog, Nico Stojan
Title: Lucent EP
Label: Culprit
Release: 2017-10-13


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Jimbo James