Emerging from the underground for this next Lovecast is rising German DJ and producer Teenage Mutants. Besides having the coolest namer ever, Teenage Mutants has been reeking havoc with his productions! You can find his jams on the freshest of labels; Stil Vor Talent, Suara, and of course Off Recordings with his production pal and label boss Andre Crom. Be on the lookout for Teenage Mutants’ next hit “The Path,” featuring Purple Disco Machine, coming out soon-ish on Sony. You can also catch Teenage Mutants on tour this month in Brazil and October in Australia; and if you’re heading to BPM, he’ll be there too.

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Give us a brief low-down on how you got to where you are now in your career. What are some stand out milestones?

The first big step up for me was when I met Andre Crom; he got me in the scene and put out my first big hit “Hanging On” on his label, Off Recordings. I work a lot with Andre Crom and together we look for fresh labels to release my music on like Suara and Light My Fire. To make a name for yourself you have to release a lot of good tracks; some deep underground stuff and of course some tracks for the crowd. It has to be a good mix.

Your name derives from the “underground,” now that deep house is becoming increasingly more popular, how does that affect your underground spirit?

A lot and at the moment in a good way. The music is becoming more and more popular. It’s great to hear my own music on the radio. I don’t care if somebody says, “Eh you are now really commercial,” that’s not good feedback. I appreciate constructive criticism.

We all have rituals; walk us through your studio/producing ritual. How does that ritual mesh when collaborating with others?

The ideal situation is to be able share a few days together in the studio, but most of the time we share our projects via Internet and work back and forth.

What does the future look like for Teenage Mutants?

I’ll keep producing a good mix of deep, tech, and disco house; and try to do make big hits. haha! I work on developing myself everyday. Most important thing is to not stop!

What is your spirit animal? Explain why…

hmmm. The Wolf – cold eyes, warm heart. Some years ago a girlfriend described me in the same way.

Drink of choice….



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