Miguel Puente’s youthful energy shines through his fresh production and sets, and we are so pleased to host his first mix of 2014 for all you lovers this week! With roots in Mexico, Chicago, Montreal and Barcelona- where he currently resides-his exposure to an extensive range of cultural and musical influences is apparent through his work in the studio and on stage. Starting off his career focusing on tech oriented, minimal production and releasing on labels such as Raccoon Records, Dialtone and Para Disco, he soon caught onto the deep wave and has been recognized in recent years by Akbal, No.19, Hot Waves, Outcross, OFF Recordings and more. Regarding this mix, he writes:

“I was trying on doing something nice for the sofa but at the same time cool to listen to before going out… have some of my tracks in there as well, so really happy with the resultas :)”

Puente’s Lovecast is packed with exclusives and begins with a stunning collaboration between him and Sandeman of WiLDKATS, out soon on Akbal. It plays as a deep, wonderful journey to get you ready for a night out, with spaced out, acidic and rhetorical touches awarding a magnetic, atmospheric feel that will get you hooked on repeat!

Keep up with him on Soundcloud and Facebook because we know this is set to be a defining year for the rising star <3